Be Different.

What better way to capture the essence of something truly unique than with the wildly striped and colorful Zebra. The Zebra is all about individuality... and with a few strokes of brilliant color, the Floyd Zebra can’t be missed. Proud and powerful, the Zebra leads the pack.

Like Floyd, the Zebra sets - rather than follows - the trends. Floyd’s success is based not only on its wonderfully unique style, but on the reputation of the Knirps name and quality. The two go hand in hand and are appreciated by those who love superior function and cutting-edge fashion. We look forward to sharing the fun of Floyd with you.

We dare you to Be Different!


Everyone takes notice when something different - something truly unique - comes along.

Be prepared . . . it is here. Floyd, the other umbrella, has arrived. It is small in size and big on style. Floyd is a bold design concept that is cool, confident and colorful.

Its unusual rounded handle is fun to hold and twirl - it makes Floyd an absolute accessory. Bright colors pop open and light the sky like a rainbow. The combination of shape, size, style and eye-catching color makes Floyd a standout!

It is a must-have for those who dare to be different.

Floyd is different

Fresh, bold and totally modern, Floyd is attracting attention everywhere. More than just an eye-catching design concept, Floyd is fun and functional. Floyd is an attitude – a lifestyle accessory.

Floyd is captivating

Floyd engages the imagination with bright colors from classic to stylish. Its unique handle shape is simple and fun to use.

Floyd is Fun

Floyd combines design and function in surprising new ways and with unique details.

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